MUVE Viewer 2: Phoenix Firestorm

Who it is developed by

Firestorm is a Second Life viewer that is developed and maintained by The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc. and it was first made available in 2010. The organization is entirely not-for-profit and was founded by Jessica Lyons [source].

The software is regularly updated, and Phoenix now has over 80 volunteers working on the project [source], many of whom are developers.

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MUVE Viewer 1: Imprudence

Who it is developed by

Imprudence is an open-source OpenSIM viewer that was first made available in 2008. It is developed entirely by volunteers.

The software is regularly maintained and updated, and the development staff hold a weekly in-world ‘meetup’ where users can discuss development ideas with the team [source]. Transcripts of all the meetings can be viewed at the source link as well.

What functionality it provides

Imprudence is a very slightly scaled-down viewer, primarily used for Second Life, but I was also unaware when I first used Imprudence that it could also be used for other OpenSIM based platforms, such as Kitely.

According to the Second Life Wiki [link], Imprudence lacks several features of the Second Life viewer, including Mesh Object Rendering, multiple attachments, and support for managing large groups, which means that your Second Life experience may be less than ideal.

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