MUVE Location 2: Who Killed Humpty Dumpty?

In stark contrast to the first location I chose (MeltingDots) the second location I visited could not have been more loud or ostentatious. I was greeted by Marilyn Manson music blaring, the strangest looking avatars imaginable, and surroundings that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Steven King novel.

I’m not sure what else I could have expected from a place called ‘Death Row Island’ but rest assured I was unaware of the name of the island before I visited.


Death Row Island

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MUVE Location 1: MeltingDots

The first location I chose is a place called MeltingDots, which is a place built specifically to provide support for new and struggling Japanese users of Second Life.

SLurl: secondlife://MELTINGDOTS/117/52/26

Why I chose it:

I found this location by using the Second Life Destination Guide ( and then selecting the ‘International’ category. I had hoped to find a place like this because I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to make use of my Japanese skills and perhaps gain some insight on how Second Life is used over there.

I know from my own personal experience of spending time with Japanese people that Second Life has achieved a huge amount of success in Japan and in other parts of Asia. I was unable to find statistics more recent than 2007 (link) but these statistics show that 8% of Second Life residents are Japanese.

How it looks:



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