Week 4: Problems and Issues

Over the course of this assignment I had a number of features I wished to implement into my build but had a huge amount of difficulty achieving. As a newcomer to Second Life, I am sometimes unsure of which things are possible and which are not in the context of Content Creation, so my initial plans might have been slightly too ambitious. Below I have highlighted some of the most frustrating errors that I encountered and the various methods to solve them that I attempted.



I originally wished to have a giant mirror at the back of the stage where my changeable texture currently sits. I did some research on this idea and I found several tutorials that said this effect was possible. However, upon following the instructions, most of them required the build to be turned on its side so that the area you wished the mirror to sit could be filled with water, which would then automatically reflect the surroundings. Hardly a good choice for my project! So instead I decided to implement Isa’s texture change script in order to make my build better fit the assessment criteria.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…


Disco Ball

It was my original intention to have a spinning disco ball that reflected a group of lights that I would point at it. I managed to get the ball to spin with relative ease (I made some slight modifications to a script  in order to speed it up slightly), but I faced a similar problem to that of the mirror in the sense that I couldn’t enable to item to reflect anything. Instead, I decided to add a particle script to the disco ball which gives it a pop concert-style effect.




Truss texture

Every stage needs trusses to surround it, to support lights, pyrotechnics, and other fixtures vital to a performance. However, my graphic design skills leave an awful lot to be desired, and while I did design the tile texture for the stage and the steps behind it, I found the texture for the trusses on the Second Life marketplace (it was only 50 linden dollars!) It came in a pack with three textures: one for a large truss, one for a small truss, and one for the ends. I felt the low price made it foolish for me to spend hours creating my own version which no doubt would not have been as good!


A small truss

A small truss


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