As I have said numerous times throughout this course and within my blog posts, I am a total newcomer to Second Life and to the entire world of Multi-User Virtual Environments. I came into this course because I had a slightly negative attitude about MUVEs: for the most part I didn’t see the point and I didn’t see how they were useful to the real world. However, to my great surprise, MUV601 has turned out to be my favourite class of the year!

I am a very creative person and I absolutely relished the opportunity to build within Second Life. I had tried some 3D modelling in the past but I never knew it could be as easy as it is in SL. Being able to click one button and start building is a far cry from the complicated coding I had previously attempted, and once I got started I was in my element. I remember Clare saying at the start of the class that I would be surprised by how quickly the time passes once you log in to SL, but I didn’t take much notice as my schedule is very important to me so I knew that I wouldn’t spend more time on SL than I planned to. But sure enough, I would look at the clock after ‘an hour or so’ building and realise that it was closer to 3.

The build has been through many changes but I absolutely love the final version and I feel like I have achieved my goal of making an ideal performance space for myself. If I’d had slightly more free time this semester I’m sure I would never have stopped adding more functionality to the build, but overall I am very proud of what I have managed to achieve with this assignment. I never expected my build to look half as good as it does!

There were a few problems that I needed to overcome but overall the build went without a hitch, and the biggest problem I faced was my constant mind-changing about design elements. I am quite indecisive by nature but I’m managing to resist the urge now to go back and change elements now that I’ve marked the assignment as finished.

Thanks to Clare and Isa for making this class such an enjoyable one!


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