Week 2: Design and Development of Activity

I often find long weekends are the perfect opportunity to take time out and work on assignments. I must say, with my mounting to-do list I was extremely grateful for the time! Since I have no lectures on a Friday I was left with 4 days off, which meant I could dedicate 1 day to each subject. So Sunday morning I was up bright and early, and ready to start building!

Over the last week I have been following various tutorials on building in Second Life and re-reading the blog posts from Clare and Isa, and I finally started to feel confident enough to start building for myself.

As my concept is creating an ideal performance space, I did quite a bit of research on different stage designs. I had initially chosen a design from the following screenshot:


I created my stage to look almost exactly like this, as this screenshot was very helpful in providing a guideline for sizes and lengths of the trusses. As an inexperienced builder it did take me some time, but I was quite proud of myself that I managed to do it!

However, after I completed the design I found the stage to look quite boring and uninspired, and this project is supposed to result in an ideal performance space for me. So I started drawing various other designs and finally chose on one that I liked.

My progress at the end of week 2:


Front view

Rear view

Rear view

The wooden panel at the rear of the stage will be replaced by a texture in due course, and of course after the stage is finished I can begin adding more complexity (i.e. instruments, scripting, texturing).

I must say I’m quite pleased with the progress I’m making!!!


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