Week 1: Initial Planning

The initial planning for this assignment has taken me quite a bit longer than originally anticipated. It’s the one I’ve been most looking forward to so I really wanted to make the right decision from the list of possible areas to explore.

In one of the first lectures of this class, Clare had mentioned that it would be possible for me to organize an event which could be a musical performance of some kind. As I am a keen singer it seemed ideal for me and a really fun way to get away from the stress of all the other assignments I’ve been handed!

Unfortunately after a conversation with Clare and a bit of thinking over I decided to change directions and go for ‘Content Creation’ instead. I still don’t really know enough people within the Second Life community to make the attendance at the performance worthwhile, and I also reasoned that if I was to host a performance, I would also have to create the venue myself, which would count as content creation.

At Clare’s suggestion, even though I am no longer doing the performance, it would be quite fitting for my content creation to focus on creating an ideal performance space. With that in mind, I am working on taking all of my favourite elements from places that I’ve performed and putting them together for this project.

I am currently reviewing all the notes I have taken on prim creation and looking at some other online tutorials so I am still very much in the experimental phase, but I am hoping to get something properly created in my workspace this week.

Watch this space!!!


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